Installation Artist
Sound Artist





Saso Puckovski (b. 1986) is a cross-disciplinary artist hailing from Skopje, Macedonia.

Taking a particular interest into the overlap of the physical and the virtual by blurring the lines between sonic, visual and interactive arts. Saso’s current activities revolves around site-specific and environmental interventions, building immersive experiences by merging sound, imagery and interactivity. As well as, a constant exploration into the fields of acousmatic listening, live sound spatialisation and contemporary audio collaging.

By introduction to a number of interaction elements in his installation works, the spectators are constantly invited to take an active role into the piece, making them the missing link of the complete experience. Even though computers, sensors and other tech devices are regularly used in Saso’s work, they usually remain seldom visible to the audience.

A number of Saso’s works which are closely related to live audio-visual performances, spatial and sonic related excursions and various sensory and synesthetic experiments are often credited under the pseudonym Noitu.