1 x rotation-controlled satellite dish antenna | 2 x mirror prisms | 2 x CRT displays
1 x analog shortwave radio reciever | 3CH video projection
computer | various electronic devices

↳High frequency radio waves penetrate the ionosphere;
↳Free electrons in the upper atmosphere respond by oscillating and scattering their energy incoherently;
↳The cross-polarized half-wavelength dipole antenna-array picks up this faint incoherent scatter;
↳The ultra-powerful 22 acre antenna probes the upper atmosphere to measure electron densities, makes observations of planets, and studies solar coronas and solar gases;
↳Analysis of this new collected data, yielding information heretofore concealed, provides the basis for calling this new technique "space research from the ground." 

SCATTER_RADAR is a real-time audio-visual performance centered around the largest incoherent scatter radar observatory in the world, The Jicamarca Radio Observatory. The piece reinterprets rare 1963 industrial footage representing travelogue-like sequence throughout the mesmerizing architectural qualities of the observatory. Experimenting on the relationship between the observer’s spatial, sensory and sonic attention, through an immersive, over-stimuli submersion. The performance challenges the limits of auditory and visual perception while at the same time leaving the spectators with a long-lasting sensations from a disorientating, highly-charged dystopian nature.


17.08.2020 | Cirkulacija 2
Ljubljana, Slovenia

20/11/2018 | Museum of Aviation
Belgrade, Serbia

06/10/2018 | Museum Of Contemporary Art
Skopje, Macedonia

18/08/2018 | U10 Art Space
Belgrade, Serbia

25/10/2017 | Punctum Art Centre
Prague, Chech Republic

20/10/2017 | Novi Bioskop Zvezda
Belgrade, Serbia 

14/10/2017 | Kosturnica WWII Memorial Complex
Veles, Macedonia

27/09/2017 | K.C. LAB
Novi Sad, Serbia

25/09/2017 | LOM:MikrozvukApollo Bridge
Bratislava, Slovakia

24/09/2017 | S.U.B
Vienna, Austria

21/09/2017 | Art Centre MUSZI  
Budapest, Hungary

17/07/2017 | Center for Cultural Decontamination
Begrade, Serbia

14/05/2016 | Youth Cultural Center
Skopje, Macedonia