1 x Expressive E Osmose synthesizer | quadrophonic sound configuration
1 x custom-made, hologram-like optical object | 2-ch video projection | computer | various sound controlling devices

SEMANTIC_VACUUM is a newly developed audio-visual concert piece by Noitu that explores the stimulation of our usual senses in an attempt to provoke the experience of the rare neurological phenomenon known as synæsthesia - where stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway involuntarily sparks experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway, evoking sensations that challenge conventional perception boundaries. 

At the aural core of the performance lies the cutting-edge fusion of Haken Audio's EaganMatrix sound engine and the touch-sensing, sound-sculpting potential of the "Expressive E Osmose" synthesizer. Through the use of fully improvised, live sound collaging and spatial sound manipulation techniques, the audience is traversed back and forth, across the thresholds of perceptible frequency ranges, non-standard tuning systems, and obscured sound timbres. The spontaneously generated sonic landscapes constantly expand and contract, enveloping the listeners into microscopic terrains and synthesized audio phenomena where the synthetic and the organic converge and shape-shift.

The optical aspect of the performance is attempting to forge a profound connection between sound and sight. Frequencies are dissected and channeled into different bands, each controlling a distinct visual element happening in real-time, thus blurring the line between what is heard and what is seen, attempting to create a delightful confusion within the observer's sensory system.

To realize the above-mentioned optical stimulation, a 2-channel video projection is used. The first channel projects onto a screen or wall behind the performer, while the second channel transforms a custom-made optical object into a hologram-like monolith sculpture that is placed somewhere between the performer and the audience. Both video channels are driven in real-time by a computer running the Max/Msp environment, resulting in a dynamic interplay of retina stimulation outbursts that complements and enhances the auditory journey.

The performance invites the audience to venture beyond the ordinary. It's an exploration of the boundaries of perception where audio-visual expression transcends, offering a multidimensional sensory treatment to everyone who experiences it.

upcoming SHOWS/
26.10.2023 @ OSMO/ZA, Ljubljana, Slovenia [Preemiere performance as part of FriFormAV concert series]